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 Press-release - GEO Ltd announces MailNavigator 1.14

October, 2012

For Immediate Release

GEO Ltd releases MailNavigator 1.14

Powerful e-mail search system

MailNavigator is a unique tool that combines an e-mail/news client with a very powerful e-mail search system. MailNavigator can be used to effectively search through e-mail boxes and archives of Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail (Vista), MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Mail, MS News, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, The Bat, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Forte Agent, Pegasus Mail, Eserv, and Fidonet. The program currently supports the following formats - The program currently supports the following formats - DBX, PST, MBX, SNM, MSB, TBB, MBS, EML and other..

Read MBX, PST, DBX files

The main advantage of MailNavigator is that it can search for messages in all major e-mail clients, and using MailNavigator is frequently much more convenient, easier and faster then using the built-in internal search systems of these e-mail clients. This application features a powerful search filter system that lets you use the standard operators: OR, AND, NOT, NEAR, their synonyms, and parentheses, for defining the order of operators. Filters can be applied to the message content and selected fields of the message header. Importantly, the search terms can be highlighted, making it easy to locate them.

MailNavigator can be used for recovering the information contained in mail archives. If, as a result of computer crash, Outlook Express or another mail client cannot read its message archives, you can try opening them in MailNavigator and exporting them back.

The Mail navigation system will pleasantly surprise you, too. In addition to common features that are standard in every e-mail client nowadays, MailNavigator features support for virtual file mergers and a subscription manager - an awesome tool for anybody who receives a lot of newsletters, newsgroup subscriptions, e-zines and other forms of regular mail. For every subscription you have shown interest in and included in your list, the program can select the filters, the accumulation file and the status of the subscription.

The program is intended to be used by advanced individuals with high e-mail turnover and by corporate managers and IT specialists. One of the most popular applications for this program is to browse or search through employees' mail (to resolve a customer complaint, for example, or just to monitor whether a corporate e-mail system is being used appropriately). MailNavigator is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free trial version is available at the manufacturer's website. The retail price of a single personal license is only $29. Business and site licenses are available as well. Resellers and software vendors should inquire about special prices.

If you have additional questions, would like to request an editor's copy or have a business proposal, please contact Dmitry Gorbachevsky.

Geo Ltd is a small independent software development company that specializes in E-mail and Internet related products. Since its inception in 2000, the company has released four products - MailNavigator, DBX Backup, AlphaBrowser, and Download Analyzer. All of them quickly became very well known in the shareware community.

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