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 EML, MBX, PST, DBX file Reader

Mailbox Reader

With MailNavigator, you can extract messages from the mailboxes of the majority of popular mail programs.

You can open a mailbox and read the messages in it, and you can also do a search of the messages in the mailboxes. The processing language of the filters includes the standard operators: OR, AND, NOT, NEAR, their synonyms, and parentheses for defining the order of operators. Filters can be used on the message content and on some fields of the message header.

The following types of mail boxes can be searched:

  • EML files of Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail (Vista)

  • PST files of MS Outlook

  • DBX files of Outlook Express

  • MBS files of Opera Mail

  • SNM files of Netscape Messenger or Netscape Collabra

  • MBX files of Eudora Mail

  • TBB, MSB files of The Bat

  • and other message files (UNIX mailbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eserv, FidoNet..)

MBX, PST, DBX file Reader

Mbx files

Mbx file format is rather simple. It is an ordinary text file (in the format RFC-822) containing messages, and can be read by the usual text editor.

Dbx file format

Unlike mbx format, dbx file format is quite complex. So we advise you not to try to extract information independently from a dbx file. You can use MailNavigator as a dbx file viewer, and you can also use MailNavigator to export messages from dbx to mbx format.

   Export messages to Outlook Express

MailNavigator can be used for recovering the information contained in mailboxes.
If, as a result of computer crash, Outlook Express or another mail client cannot read its message archives, you can open them in MailNavigator and exporting them back.

Version 1.8 of MailNavigator adds the capability of exporting messages in the mbx format of Eudora Mail. As the format of Eudora mailboxes is rather popular, this means that now you can export messages to Outlook Express and most other popular mail programs.

   Outlook pst file viewer

Unlike dbx and mbx formats, the pst format (mailboxes of the program MS Outlook) is protected by Microsoft. MailNavigator can access *.pst files only indirectly, through the mechanism of Outlook-OLE. In effect, a search of messages in Outlook folders is achieved by Outlook's own resources.

To access a PST file, this file must be accessible from MS Outlook as a mail folder, and not only as an external file. It must be directly accessible from the MS Outlook program. In this case, MailNavigator will find the list of MS Outlook folders, and the necessary folder can be loaded, or can be used for a message search.

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