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 Quickly Backup and Restore Contents of Your Mailbox with DBX Backup

Restore Outlook Express mail boxes

      Outlook Express refuses to read its own mail boxes?
      You don't want to waste your time ranting and raving?
      You need an effective remedy for similar cases?
      Geo Ltd provides the solution - DBX Backup, a powerful and reliable utility for making regular backups and restoring your mail in case of disasters.

Nowadays, when information is so important, its careful maintenance becomes a matter of vital importance. But when it comes to the upkeep of your mailbox contents, it's quite difficult to be secured against all contingencies. A system failure or a hardware malfunction can damage DBX files and your mail will be impossible to read. To prevent the loss of valuable data, you'll need DBX Backup. With DBX Backup, your mail client will be up and running in no time!

Backup and Restore Outlook Express folders

The lucid minds from Geo Ltd have managed to provide DBX Backup with a powerful recovery engine that can restore even badly corrupted DBX files. DBX Backup provides a chance of successful recovery while rivals fail to accomplish this task.

Another advantage of DBX Backup is an effective built-in search wizard that will come in handy when it is impossible to find the location of DBX files according to the user accounts. The wizard will find DBX files even if your registry has lost its integrity.

You will appreciate the universality of DBX Backup as it supports a variety of popular mailbox formats, including UNIX-mail. What's more, the program can handle DBX files of a large size so even massive mail archives can be processed.

With DBX Backup all the restored messages and all the attached files will remain in the original format, so you can start working with your mail client right away.

To speed up the process of backup, DBX Backup offers the batch mode, so users can avoid routine by running the utility from the command line or batch file.

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