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 B&G Calculator: Tools, Statistics, Financial, Maths, etc...

Business&Games Calculator

Minimized Calculator with Expression B&G Calculator combines ease of use with a lot of powerful features for those who need them.

Calculator with Extra Function Panels

  • All standard functions you find in a desktop calculator

  • Smallest screen footprint ever, with no loss of functionality

  • Calculation history management and report generation

  • Easy and powerful variables, memory management, and all that

  • Statistical functions and calculations

  • Unit conversion

  • Maths and Physics constants handbook

  • Configurable and updatable skins

  • A bit of fun: play games to relax and cool your mind

Idle Calculator with Clock

What you can easily do with B&G Calculator:

simple arithmetic operations (2 + 5/7) * 1.5
work with percent points 3672 + 15%
easily use memory (variables) y = 9.8 * t^2 + 3.14
advanced maths and special functions 25! + sin(x) - erf(gamma(pi/2))
easy binary and hex calculations and conversion # 2 + 0xFE - 0b00101

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