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How to Backup dbx files?

Backup Outlook Express DBX files To archive/extract messages from dbx files, first of all you need to specify a path to these files (field: Source Path). If Outlook Express is efficient and normally adjusted, Dbx Backup will automatically define a path. Just choose one of the mail identities (field: Identity to Backup). But if, after reinstallation, Outlook Express cannot find its own dbx files, the dbx file search master will find the path to them (button: Find Dbx Files).

Having specified the path, you will receive a list of dbx files. Choose from the list the files you want to extract messages from. If you need all the files with the current path, choose the button: Select All.

The Recovering Deleted Messages option lets you restore messages which have been deleted from a dbx file. In Outlook Express, deleted messages are copied into the trash (file Deleted.dbx). But if the trash has already been cleared, and other messages haven't been recorded in the place of the deleted messages, you can try to restore the deleted message from the initial dbx file.

Backup Outlook Express DBX files Until one of the dbx files is chosen and the Target Path specified, the Backup button remains inaccessible. Specify the Target Path for accumulating your extracted messages.

Dbx Backup lets you save messages in several popular formats (field: Save As). If your goal is to transfer a message base to a mail program working in the Unix/Linux environment, choose UNIX Mailbox as your target format. MES format is convenient for transfering messages to the MailNavigator program.. However, for archival storage of messages, or restoring Outlook Express mail folders, the most convenient format is Separate Messages Files (.EML).

Each message in eml-format is kept in a separate text file with extension .eml . The name of the message file depends on the method chosen in the field Save By. If you use the value of the field Message ID as the file name, this automatically provides for a unique file name corresponding to the unique Message-ID of each message. If you use the method Save By: Subject, the uniqueness of the file name is provided by adding the control sum of the message to the file name. The method Save By: Prefix attaches a serial number to each message. This provides uniqueness, but doesn't exclude duplication of messages with repeated savings.

The Add Folder Name Prefix option adds the name of the Outlook Express folder from which the message is extracted to the left of the file name, as a prefix. In the Example field, you can see examples of the name formation of future messages files.

Once the source files and Target Path are defined, the Backup button becomes accessible. Clicking this button starts the process of extracting the messages. In the left bottom corner of the program the status of the extraction process is displayed, as well as messages of errors or successes in message extraction.



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