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 OE DBX Repair FAQ

What is the dbx file and how can I find it?

For each mailbox and each newsgroup in Outlook Express there corresponds one file with the extension dbx. This file stores the messages and additional information for fast access to them.

The name of this file usually coincides with the name of the mail folder or newsgroup.
For example, Inbox.dbx corresponds to your incoming mail folder.

For each account, all dbx files are saved in one directory called the
store root directory, which can be defined by choosing the command:

    Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder

There are also several predetermined dbx files which are in the store root directory and don't have a corresponding folder inside OE:


stores a tree structure of folders and other information.


contains the data of interactive access to IMAP and Hotmail accounts if those are available to you.


stores information from messages left on a POP3 mail server.

Outlook Express :: Properties If one of your message folders is destroyed, you can find the corresponding dbx file and use it to repair your destroyed folder. For example, if a mail folder called MyFolder is damaged, you can find the file MyFolder.dbx in the root directory, open this file in MailNavigator, and import the messages back into OE.

To find the complete path to the dbx file, right-click on the name of the destroyed folder in Outlook Express and then click "Properties".

Even if you can't start the program Outlook Express, most likely MailNavigator will find the dbx files automatically. The list of dbx files is accessible on the Information retrieval page. You can open a file by double clicking on it or mark it for a future search of messages in it.

Information Retrieval page :: Boxes of Outlook ExpressInformation Retrieval page :: Boxes of Outlook Express

But if MailNavigator has not found dbx files automatically, (for example if they are located on a CD, or transferred from another computer or the information of the registry is destroyed) then your will have to search for them as follows:

  1. Use the standard search tools in Windows: "Start | Search".

  2. Select search "For Files and Folders".

  3. As the search string, type *.dbx and click "Search Now".

  4. Select the required file resulting from the search and load it into MailNavigator by double clicking on it.

Outlook Express DBX Repair FAQ

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