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The report on the pages of your site enables you to analyze the sources of traffic and also the effectiveness of individual pages for downloading file or for transition to the target URL.

Consolidated Pages Report

The following traffic parameters are defined for the site as a whole (All pages), and for each individual page:


The number of visitors, defined as the number of unique ip-addresses, visiting a page.

Download hits

The number of visitors to a page, who subsequently have started downloading at least one of target files, or have transited to the target URL.


The ratio of downloads to hits, as a percentage.

Detailed report on page refers.

The traffic parameters are outputted not only to the consolidated report on all pages as a whole, but are also defined for direct and first refers and outputted into the detailed report on each page of the site:

First refers

A list of initial refers, sites / pages from which visitors originally visited your site and, subsequently, having walked through various pages of the site, have transferred to the selected page.

Direct refers

A list of direct refers, sites / pages from which visitors directly transfer to the selected page.

Detailed report on downloads by page

If you place the cursor on the consolidated pages report, then in the report on downloads for the selected page, the number of downloads of each file resulting from visits to that page will be displayed.

And if you place the cursor on the detailed report on page refers, then in the downloads report for the selected page will be displayed the number of downloads of each file resulting from visits to the selected page by visitors arriving from the refer shown in the detailed report on page refers.


To rate the number of visitors and download traffic for a particular period of time, you should use a date filter.

A filter on the downloaded file will help to select those pages which provide maximum download traffic of the selected file.

If you have quite a lot of pages on your site, then the text filter on page name will help you select the necessary pages.

And to rate traffic for individual groups of refers, you can use a text filter on refers.


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