Keywords report



The Keywords Report provides an effective tool for analysing received and under-received target traffic from search engines.

For each search phrase the following parameters are defined:


The number of visitors arriving from search engines as a result of a search on the phrase.

Download hits

The number of visitors who, after searching on that phrase and visiting your site, started downloading at least one of the target files, or transited to the target URL.


The ratio of downloads to hits, as a percentage. This value defines the extent to which the phrase generates target traffic from search engines.

To understand for which search phrases you under-receive target traffic, it is necessary to define one more parameter:

Google position

The position of your site as a result of a Google search on the phrase.

To calculate recoupment of advertising on paid search engines, (,, etc..) it is necessary to start the Pay-Per-Click Calculator, to enter into it your sales volumes, and to define two parameters:


The most probable profit obtained on a phrase.

Click tax

The price per click, or most probable value of the profit received from each visitor visiting your site from as a result of a search on the selected phrase.

For analysis of the search phrases report, sorting by any of the listed fields is available. Eg. if you sort the phrases by click tax, the phrases on which paid advertising is most effective will appear at the top of the list. Most valuable, perhaps, is the possibility of sorting by number of downloads.


Using a text filter on a phrase will allow you to rate the traffic for optimizations of your site along various vectors, and from this to choose selected words or groups of words for analysis. In the text filter you can use the operators: or, and, not, their synonyms, and brackets ( )..

To separate out traffic on a particular page of a site, or traffic from a particular search engine, you can use a filter on pages, or a filter on search engines.

To determine the effectiveness of various search phrases in increasing the number of downloads of a particular file, you can use a filter on the downloaded file.

To sift out phrases on which statistics are not accumulating, you can use filters on a minimum quantity of hits or downloads. The filter on minimum relevance allows you to sift out random phrases, or non-target traffic. The filter on minimum position on a Google site allows you to calculate the phrases for which you under-receive traffic.

Rating of under-received traffic

According to research, if for a particular search phrase a Search Engine shows your site on the second page of search results, you will receive only 23% of the traffic which you would receive if your site appeared on the first page in the first few positions. If your site appears on the third page, then you receive only 10% of potential traffic.

To identify search phrases on which you under-receive download traffic, take the following steps:


Load log files.


Sort the report by quantity of downloads.


Set the filter on minimum quantity of downloads equal to 1.


Define the Google position for all phrases for which there is at least one downloading.


Set the filter on minimum position in Google equal to 11.

The phrases which have appeared on the first page of search results will be filtered out and, as a result, the report will contain a rating of your search phrases by the extent to which traffic is under-received. Based on this information, it would make sense to improve and optimize your site for those search phrases for which target traffic is most under-received.

Detailed phrase report

In the detailed report for a selected search phrase the selection of search traffic by the following channels is defined:

Requested pages

Defines on what pages of your site visitors have arrived as a result of a search on the selected phrase.

Search engines

Defines from which search engines visitors have arrived at your site, in a search on the selected phrase.

Downloaded files

Defines which files were downloaded and in what quantity, as a result of search on the selected phrase.


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