At the stage of loading information to be analysed in the program, the following filters are provided:

Requested page

The filter on requested pages lets you sift out information on all pages not indicated in the filter field.

For example, the filter: "index.html register.html" allows you to load information only for the two selected pages.

If the filter is not installed (if the filter field is empty) sifting of requested pages does not occur and the information on all pages is loaded.

Download files

In this field, you can enter fragments of strings of downloaded files or fragments of target pages, whose access statistics you want to parse.

For example, if you enter the substring .gif, you can create an analysis and report on downloads of all the various .gif files from your site. You can also create a report on the relevance of different search phrases for the purpose of downloading your .gif files.

Minimal requested file size

This filter allows you to sift out from the parsed files or target pages all files whose size in downloading bytes is less than that indicated in the filter field. For example, it allows your to sift out various erroneous requests or redirections, on which statistics are not useful for the analysis.

Ignore redirection

This filter lets you sift out requests to files or target pages with error codes 301, 302, i.e redirections.


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