Text filter Rules



A text filter (wherever it appears in the program) is a text string using logical operators: AND, OR, NOT, NEAR (or their synonyms) and ordered by parentheses: ().

Space, tab stop and linefeed are accepted as substring delimiters within a filter. To include a space, or any other special character, begin and end with angle brackets: < >.

Valid operators for a text filter, in order of priority, are:






Proximity. Expresses two words near each other within the text. Use NEAR when you wish to find word collocation from two words by a standing number. For example, this filter: ( tubes * gas ) will search for those entries which contain both substrings <tubes> and <gas> at a distance of no more than 30 characters apart.


Negation. An example: (NOT tubes) - will eliminate all results which contain the substring <tubes>.



Cut. This operator defines a subcategory of results which is excluded. For example, this filter: ( tubes !gas !stainl) will locate entries containing <tubes>, yet exclude any which also contain <gas> or <stainless steel>. This operator works in the same manner as combining AND and NOT.



Conjunction. This binary operator filters an expression which contains both of the elements on each side of the operator. An example: (sales + tubes). This will return entries containing both words, excluding entries which contain only the single word <tubes>, giving a result showing only those tubes which are for sale.



This binary operator will return entries which contain either of the elements entered on each side of the operator. The OR operator is binary, yet can be multi-layered. For example the following identical filters: ( mp3 OR wav OR midi OR mod ), (mp3 wav midi mod) will find those entries which mention only one of the listed sound files.


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