Aliases let you define synonyms for various ways of writing url. With the help of aliases, you can calculate statistics on the basis of a url transformed by the following rules:

*.zip files as *.exe

This alias substitutes the extension .exe for all .zip files. It enables you to calculate downloads of distribution kits with .zip and .exe extensions jointly, provided that the filename of the distribution kit is identical.

*.exe?xxx as *.exe

To ignore parameters in a filename. For example: danalyzer13.exe?cache will be transformed into danalyzer13.exe.

Sometimes a file is requested with parameters following a question mark (?). In this case, requests with different parameters are perceived as requests to different files, and statistics are calculated separately for each request. Using this alias, all parameters after the question mark (?) are ignored, so that statistics are calculated jointly on all files, with or without parameters.

fileXX.exe as file.exe

To ignore a version number in a filename. Digits in a filename before the file extension are understood as a version number. For example: danalyzer13.exe will be transformed into danalyzer.exe. Using this alias, joint statistics for all versions of the distribution kit of one program are calculated jointly.

web/ as web

To ignore the slash (/) at the end of a page url. For example: will be transformed into

web/index.html as web

To consider the file index.html as the home page. For example: will be transformed into

www.web as web

To ignore the prefix www. in a page url. For example: will be transformed into


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